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Flexible Youth Scheduling

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Anthony Latham,

the 2013 New Jersey PGA Youth Player Development Award winner, two-time PGA Junior League Golf national championship captain and a U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 Instructor, is the PGA director of instruction at the Royce Brook Golf Academy in Hillsborough, New Jersey.

Use Flexible Youth Scheduling

Anthony Latham on the importance of using flexible youth scheduling:

Our club is unique as it has both a private course and a public course, in addition to my academy. This allows for great visibility of our youth programs, which helps marketing and recruitment. With the increasing participation of our youth golfers in local, regional and national tournaments, it's rather difficult for families to commit to consecutive days of camp programming. It didn't make sense to register for camp and miss one or two days because of an event, nor was it cost-effective. Not wanting to lose these youth golfers from our summer programs, I implemented a "flexible scheduling" policy that allows participants to register for programming and attend any day throughout the entire programing season. This ensures families will receive what they pay for and that their child will not miss any learning experiences due to a tournament or a family vacation.

Anthony Latham on the business impact of using flexible youth scheduling:

The idea to allow our youth program participants flexibility in their scheduling has doubled our numbers and increased revenue tremendously since we implemented it. We've gone from roughly 100 students two years ago to over 300 kids this year with flexible scheduling. Our Advanced Camp tuition runs from $3,500 for the nine-week program to $500 and $349 per week for intermediate & beginner level players. In addition, our PGA Junior League Golf program has doubled as well, going from 12 team members to well over 30 players last season. The added exposure of the kids wearing their numbered uniforms around our facility is priceless. Develop a flexible schedule policy and watch participants, demand and your bottom line reach new levels.