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Eight Academy Players Move on to the World Championship

We are so proud to announce that five of our Academy Juniors have been selected for Player of the Year in their respective age groups by finishing with the most points in the US Kids North Jersey (Spring) Tour.
Megan Meng- Girls age 8-9
Jenelle Valera- Girls age 10-11
Franklin Zhu- Boys age 10
Austin Liao- Boys age 11
Clement Shao- Boys age 13

We also had three runner-up Players of the Year

Adrian Jordan- Boys age 8
Calen Sanderson- Boys age 11
Arav Patel- Boys age 12

All eight of these outstanding young golfers have qualified for the 2015 US Kids World Championship.

Congratulations to all these individuals! Royce Brook couldn't be more proud of your achievements!  Good luck at the World Championship!!!